From Tina, Churchville, NYI live outside the district but was truly humbled and brought to tears by what a community coming together {for the Pilon project} can accomplish. What a shining example for our future generation.



  1. Two years ago we were in shock to learn that our middle daughter developed a rare cancer related to an even more rare genetic cancer syndrome disease and then when all FIVE of us tested positive for it, we were overwhelmed. We were told that we were facing a lifetime of surgeries, procedures, tests etc. Before we could give into the paralyzing fear that accompanies hearing this kind of news, our entire family became the recipients of an outpouring of love, prayers, support and acts of kindness AND the most amazing thing is that it has never stopped! The support and caring, the love and help and hope continue today, even as I write this.
    Where did our help come from? Well, we know and believe God worked many miracles to help us and He definitely worked through an amazing colleague and friend, Stephanie Harney. She became our angel on earth and being the visionary she is, she developed the not for profit Hilton Cares. The main folks involved were Hilton Central School District employees along with Hilton/ Parma community members and an outstanding group of people from Home Depot, who after hearing our story from Stephanie, decided to help us by renovating our entire 250 year old home! Before long, word of the project spread and it branched out to involve people from surrounding areas, many of whom were perfect strangers who had a heart for helping others in need.
    We didn’t just receive help for our dilapidated home, we received cards, letters, words of encouragement, prayers, gift cards donations, childcare, meals, groceries and most importantly hope. We could easily fill a book with every kindness and every person’s name who touched our hearts and made a difference in our lives. The outpouring of love, generosity and sheer back breaking work sustained us, heart and soul.
    There is so much more to this story of how a community of friends, all the way to complete strangers banded together to show our family that we were not alone and from that we witnessed miracles and discovered silver linings delivered with such perfect timing that it makes it difficult to explain in words…you simply had to witness it to believe it.
    The story continues because the friendships and relationships that have been cemented by your loving kindness will never be forgotten. The story continues because we as a family are dedicating the rest of our time here to honoring your goodness by paying it forward every chance we get. The story continues because maybe as you read this, you will be inspired to reach out to fill a need you see around you.
    Where is the love, the hope, the peace? It is right in front of us every day, in the lives and hearts of our community. Our gratitude, appreciation and love to Hilton Cares and to the One who made it all possible.
    Love Forever,
    The Monagan-Pilon and the Achter Families


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