Thank You!

feature_637_storyOur organization is called “Hilton Cares” because we represent a compassionate community, and we in turn give back to this community by helping families in the Hilton Central School District. And last night proved once again that indeed, Hilton Cares.

A great time was had by all at our first annual Rock the Vineyard event. Generously donated prizes were collected over the past few weeks and awarded throughout the evening to lucky ticket holders. An abundance of delicious food was provided, as were wines, beer, and our signature Sangria; all prepared especially for us by Mayer’s Lake Ontario Winery. We even enjoyed homemade desserts baked by Hilton Care’s own Suzanne Pilon! The soundtrack to our evening was supplied by The Blues Poseurs, a phenomenal group of musicians who kept us tapping our toes and singing along all night.

If you came out to our event, we’d love to hear about what your favorite part of the evening was. To our friends, families, and supporters near and far who helped make this event a success, THANK YOU!

If you have pictures of the event, please tag @hiltoncares on Facebook, we’d love to see them!


Hilton Cares